Finding Workers Compensation can be heavy lifting. Many carriers require three to five years of documented experience to even consider you for coverage. Another area of difficulty is sole proprietors. One-man businesses often times are not deemed eligible for coverage by most carriers.

If you are a start-up business, are a sole proprietor, or if you have had many claims in the past, searching for workers’ compensation may become frustrating. The good news is we have the solution: PEO.

A Professional Employer Organization is your business partner. A PEO administrates your payroll, worker’s compensation, and human resources. In other words, it becomes the back office component for your business so you can focus on what is important: growth.

BrightComp is our brokerage firm and it is one of the largest independent brokers in America for Professional Employment Organizations with 20+ years of experience in the industry. Representing over 25 PEOs nationwide, we work in all 50 states to tailor programs for every need, including one-man operations.