Operating a tow truck company comes with unique risks and challenges that make towing insurance a necessity. Whether you’re a one-person show or a well-established towing company with many drivers, you need insurance coverage to protect your business, vehicles, employees, and customers.

Towing insurance is crucial, but with so many providers and policies to choose from, things can get overwhelming. In this article, we’ll outline some critical factors to consider when selecting towing insurance that suits.

Start Here When Selecting Tow Truck Insurance

1. Proper Coverage

Liability insurance should be your top priority as a tow truck business owner. This type of coverage offers protection for injury that you or your employees cause to other people (bodily injury liability insurance) and any damage to their property (property damage liability coverage).

Physical damage coverage provides financial assistance for repairs to your vehicle resulting from incidents such as collisions with other vehicles or damage from falling tree branches. A full coverage policy will protect your tow truck and other business-related vehicles against theft, vandalism, and other damages. Your tow trucks are an essential part of your business, and unexpected damage to your trucks could cost you a lot. The longer that your truck isn’t running, the more money you’re losing. This type of coverage helps you get back on the road as soon as possible without worrying so much about the costs of repairing or replacing damaged trucks.

2. Experience and Reputation

Choosing a reliable and experienced insurance agency is critical. You want someone that specializes in tow truck insurance or has extensive experience in insuring different types of commercial vehicles. Here at Zellner Insurance, we’re experienced in both. Conduct research and read reviews from other tow truck company owners to learn about their experiences with different insurance agencies. A good insurance agent will take the time to understand your business and tailor the right coverage for you.

3. Price and Premiums

Affordability is an essential factor to consider when shopping for insurance. However, i’s vital to ensure that choosing a less expensive option won’t leave your business more open to risks. We have a towing captive program that can ensure you’re getting proper coverage and the best rate.

Zellner Insurance Agency is one of the independent brokers for the eMaxx Towing Captive program. As a member, your premiums are determined by the last five years of your losses. You also own part of the captive, and a successful claims year means you will receive dividends! Yes, an insurance policy that pays YOU back!

Don’t Hit the Road Without Us: Protect Your Company with Towing Insurance

Getting the right towing insurance policy for your business can be an overwhelming process, but it is essential that you find the right coverage. We can help with the eMaxx Towing Captive program. Contact Zellner Insurance Agency now to learn more now!