Imagine transforming your house into the comfortable, safe dream home you deserve, complete with a new roof, energy-efficient windows, and a top-of-the-line air conditioning system. This vision could be a reality with the Florida PACE Program, a remarkable initiative designed to empower homeowners across the Sunshine State. 

But what exactly is the Florida PACE Program, and what’s its purpose? We’ll uncover the ins and outs of this program, explaining how it enables homeowners to repair and replace items in their homes without draining their bank accounts. Keep reading to find out who qualifies and how to get started in finding home improvement financing.

What is the Florida PACE Program?

Florida PACE offers homeowners the opportunity to finance residential and commercial property repairs and replacements. Homeowners can enhance their properties by utilizing long-term fixed-rate assessments that are incorporated into their property tax bills. 

This funding can be used for various improvement projects, including roofs, windows, doors, air conditioners, generators, and more. What’s next on your list of improvements?

Instead of accumulating high credit card balances or emptying your savings, you may want to apply for PACE. The interest rates typically range 6% to 12.99%, significantly lower than most credit cards. 

Who Qualifies for the Florida PACE Program?

Whether you need to complete an expensive critical home repair, want to stormproof your home, or want to switch to more energy-efficient solutions, you may qualify for funding from Florida PACE. The program is available in all Florida counties with $0 down and 100% financing. There’s no minimum credit score required, but the Florida Pace Funding Agency has four requirements applicants must meet:

1) Property taxes must be paid and in good standing for at least three years.
2) You must be current on all mortgage debt on the property.
3) Your record must be free from default instances in the past three years.
4) You cannot have any involuntary liens.

Visit the Florida PACE website to find out if you qualify. 

Protecting Your Home Improvements with Comprehensive Insurance

Protecting your home improvements is a critical aspect of safeguarding your investment. Homeowners insurance provides essential coverage to ensure that your dream home remains a safe and secure haven. Zellner Insurance agents are here to help you find an affordable and reliable insurance policy tailored to your needs.

Don’t wait until an unexpected event leaves you unprotected. Contact Zellner Insurance Agency today, and let’s secure your home’s future together.