This week we had an extraordinary situation with one of our insureds. Our Senior Personal Lines Agent discovered, during the weekend, that a four feet alligator was stalking her house, specially her cat.

After she reported it to Animal Control, she received a phone call from the subcontractor to schedule the appointment for the removal. While on the phone, she was so eager to have the alligator removed, that she did not expect him to ask, “Are you my insurance agent?“. To her surprise, he was one indeed of her clients. Immediately, her insurance agent brain took over the alligator emergency, and she told the insured they needed to have a conversation about his coverage.

Notifying your insurance agent if you have bizarre or uncommon hobbies that could put you at a potentially higher risk of a lawsuit or void your coverage in the event of an accident is extremely important.

In the case of the above insured, if he were in a car accident while transporting a live gator, that gets loose and chomps on someone, there would not be sufficient liability coverage. In this case, he would have to have a Commercial General Liability policy.

Many retirees chose to work simple jobs to keep busy and earn extra income. However, if you are subcontracting for something more dangerous than packing groceries, call us now and we will get you covered! (904)-356-1492